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Shao Lin Wu Chu - Testimonial

ABC News Sports - Bamboo bashing a hit with the stars
Hollywood celebrities are now queuing up for an unusual
health treatment that involves being beaten with bamboo.

A man from Adelaide is one of only two people in the world
trained in the ancient Chinese form of muscle detoxification.

Stephen Tiong's sticks have already been used to whack some
A-League soccer players into shape but his treatment is not
your average visit to a medical clinic.

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7 Perth - Kungfu Doctor
Adelaide Kung Fu master Stephen Tiong is having enormous success
treating chronic pain sufferers with his rather unconventional method
-- beating them with a bamboo stick.

He's had people up and walking, throwing away their painkillers,
as well getting sports stars on the mend much sooner than conventional
medical treatments.

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Window Live - Bamboo Healer
Bamboo Healer
There's a real sting in this tale of medical miracles.

Since we first told you about Stephen Tiong’s unorthodox treatment more
than a year ago, he's helped scores of people who'd resigned themselves
to living with chronic pain and taking all kinds of prescribed drugs,
like Deanne Hansell.

“Before I came to see Stephen I couldn’t hang washing, couldn’t
lift arms or bend. If I dropped something the kids would have to pick
it up. Little movement and a lot of pain. I went from 70kg to 120kgs.
I gave up on life. I sat and watched tv,?Deanne told us.











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